Visa for Bhutan

BhutanA visa is required to travel to Bhutan. The type of visa you need depends on the purpose of your trip. Are you visiting Bhutan as a tourist? Then you should apply for a tourist visa. Are you going on a business trip? Then apply for a business visa. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the application process. You must apply in-person at the Consulate of Bhutan.


Address of the Consulate of Bhutan in Brussels:
Avenue Jules Cesar 70
1150 Brussels Belgium
Phone: +322 7619570


Please be aware: when you apply for a visa for Bhutan you should contact a travel agency in advance (3-4 months before a scheduled date). The travel agency will request a permission from the Ministry in Bhutan. A confirmation letter will be received within 72 hours. Based on the confirmation letter you can obtain a visa on arrival. The price of the visa is $40.